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Building a Studio Brand





Business Problem

In my role at NBBJ, I was tasked with creating a distinct visual identity for a new studio within the firm. The challenge was to craft a brand that reflected the studio's unique vision, values, and expertise while maintaining alignment with NBBJ's overarching identity. The constraints included balancing the need for a unique identity with the requirement for brand consistency across the larger organization.

Design Solution

I spearheaded the branding initiative, navigating through unique challenges to create a visual identity that truly represented the new studio's vision, values, and expertise. Thorough market research and strategic design decisions led to a cohesive visual identity, including a logo, color palette, typography, and design guidelines, that resonated with the studio's mission. My ability to make intentional design decisions ensured that every element of the brand was thoughtfully crafted to reflect the studio's unique qualities while aligning with NBBJ's brand standards.


The new visual identity successfully differentiated the studio within the firm, enhancing its visibility and reputation. This project underscored my skills in branding and identity design, as well as my capacity to solve complex design challenges through intentional and informed decision-making. The cohesive brand we created has been well-received internally and externally, contributing to the studio's success.

Creating a visual identity for a studio within a more prominent firm involves crafting a distinct and cohesive brand that reflects the studio's unique vision, values, and expertise while aligning with the overarching identity of the parent organization.

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