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Primordial Secrets





Business Problem

As the co-founder of GLHF Games, LLC, I was faced with the unique challenge of creating the art direction and design for 'Primordial Secrets,' a fantasy board game. The task was to create a visually engaging game that combined aesthetic appeal with functional gameplay, all while working with limited resources and appealing to a diverse audience of gamers.

Design Solution

I utilized my visual design skills to create intricate artwork and detailed character illustrations, ensuring that the game's visuals were both captivating and functional. My product thinking ability allowed me to design game components that enhanced the gameplay experience. The vibrant, immersive color palette and cohesive visual elements helped bring the game's lore to life, making it an engaging experience for players.


"Primordial Secrets" has been well-received by players, who praise its visual design and engaging gameplay. This project highlighted my ability to combine creativity with practical design solutions, ensuring that the game's aesthetics did not compromise its functionality. My drive and proactive approach were key to overcoming resource constraints and delivering a high-quality product.

A meticulously crafted board game immerses players in a rich, fantasy world of mystery and adventure. Designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, the game's visual design features intricate artwork, detailed character illustrations, and a vibrant, immersive color palette that brings the game's lore to life.

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