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Business Problem

As the lead UI/UX Designer for NBBJ's ZeroGuide project, my role was to create an accessible and intuitive web-based tool to facilitate comprehensive carbon analysis in architectural projects. The primary challenge was to develop a solution that could educate designers, many of whom lacked technical expertise in carbon literacy, and guide them toward zero-carbon outcomes. Constraints included ensuring usability for a diverse range of users and integrating complex data in a comprehensible format.

Design Solution

The team and I adopted a user-centered design approach, prioritizing simplicity and clarity. We designed ZeroGuide with an intuitive interface that allowed users to input minimal data to receive actionable insights on their project's carbon impact. My focus on interaction design ensured that the tool was easy to navigate, while my visual design expertise contributed to a clean, professional look that enhanced usability. We used iterative testing to refine the tool, ensuring it met the needs of its users effectively.


ZeroGuide, not only successfully met its goals but also earned the NBBJ Project of the Year award. It has been widely adopted by architects, revolutionizing the way they approach carbon analysis in their projects. This project showcased my product thinking ability as we developed a solution that addressed a significant industry problem and made intentional design decisions to ensure its success. The positive feedback and high adoption rates reflect the project's success in achieving its objectives and its significant impact on the industry.

Awarded NBBJ Project of the Year is a web-based tool designed to facilitate carbon analysis in architectural projects, guiding designers towards zero-carbon outcomes. The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of ZeroGuide are crucial to its success, as they ensure the tool is accessible and intuitive for all users, regardless of their technical expertise.

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